About Trivia Goodness

We know you probably hate having to be stuck in a cube for one-third of your days during the week. That’s why we created Trivia Goodness. Finish up your work, clock out, come on out and #GetSomeGoodness to get you through the week.

Six rounds gets you two hours of Pop Culture Trivia Goodness. Put together a coalition of like-minded nerdiness and be sure to cover all your bases: TV, Music, Movies, Science, History/Government, Sports, Geography, Literature, Leisure and Video Game questions will abound. Check out website the Bonus Question before you head out — 50 easy points to get you started. If you’re lazy or too busy eating back and sipping a cocktail, you’ll still net 25 points for turning in your team name on your Bonus Question sheet.

Check out our schedule here.