About TG

Trivia Goodness started way back in 2012 when we began hosting The Music Show at Average Joe’s New Albany. Honestly, we needed something to do during the week.

With some creativity, ingenuity and A LOT of time, we started writing and hosting our own shows that May. We’ve expanded and enjoyed the ride along the way. We thoroughly enjoy hosting for you and hope you’ll join us at a location near you!

We now have three ways to play – Trivia Goodness, Musical Goodness and SINGO. Enjoy pop culture, name-that-song trivia and music bingo to pass the time on the march to the weekend.

Are you a local place that serves tasty treats and luscious libations? Check out our BARS page to get some information about hosting your own version of Trivia Goodness. Give your customers what they want – Goodness for their earholes! read more.