1. Teams may consist of any number of players.

2. Rounds 1, 3, and 5 answer sheets shall be due in a reasonable amount of time after the conclusion of the repeat of the final question of said round for scoring. Teams who turn in their answer sheet after the host is done grading all other sheets may be subject to a zero score for that round. Answers may not be changed once an answer sheet has been submitted for scoring. Rounds 2, 4, and the Whirlwind Challenge are all due in their respective and normal game-play time frames of 15, 10 and 5 minutes, respectively.

3. In the case that multiple complete answers are written for any portion of a question, the first answer shall be taken as the intended one. Teams will not be penalized for writing more words than necessary for any question.

4. In order to get credit for an answer, team’s answers must contain more than half of the correct answer. For example: if “(I Hate) Everything About You” is the correct answer for a question, Everything About You is an acceptable, credit-worthy answer because three of the five words were submitted. I Hate would not receive credit as it is less than half. Submitting exactly half (50%) of the words in an answer does not qualify as credit-worthy.

5. Abbreviations and/or nicknames for anything will not be acceptable answers and will not receive credit. Full names and words must be used in all instances for full credit.

6. Demonstrative adjectives: “The” and “A’ shall not count in the overall word count of any answer. For instance: you will get full credit for writing “Vampire Diaries,” when answering a question about the TV Show on The CW. “The” does not count toward word count and a credit-worthy answer.

7. Spelling will not count unless otherwise noted elsewhere in a set of instructions for a specific round. However, the host of that night’s game of Trivia Goodness reserves all rights to make final judgment call on whether an answer garners credit or not. In short, ensure your host can understand what answer you’re trying to convey.

8. Teams will be given a standard set of answer sheets (instruction sheet, rounds 1, 3, & 5, two sheets of scrap paper) and one pen upon request. Teams may use their own pens or a reasonable number of additional pens. Teams may not use cheat-sheets during the course of the game.

9. While Trivia Goodness will not confiscate phones during the game, we ask you to make sure it is off the table during game play so as not to leave any doubt to the integrity of the game. If the host determines a round has been compromised due to outside information, googling, or any other form of cheating, the host may score that team’s round at zero points.

10. Game Play shall consist of a normal, six-round game that includes:

    a. one bonus question posted at noon the day that day’s game of Trivia Goodness is to take place. A correct guess is worth 50 points for a correct answer and 25 points for any incorrect answer.

    b. three spoken word rounds (1, 3, 5 worth 60 points each at 10 points possible over six questions), and

    c. two ‘Group Activity’ rounds worth a possible 100 points each, and

    d. a final round ‘Whirlwind Challenge’ worth between 100 and 200 points. Each team will receive one Group Activity sheet.

11. Due to time constraints, a pre-scheduled sporting event, or the wishes of the restaurant, bar, or location in which we host, the game may be truncated and have rounds removed.

12. Teams will be allowed one flashlight for use during game play if they so choose.

13. The host of your specific day and date of Trivia Goodness reserves the right to change these rules at any point in time and for any reason and retains final say in all rules interpretations.